Members Biohazard

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Billy Graziadei/Vocals & Guitar

Billy Graziadei/Vocals & guitar

Individual biography to come

Even Seinfeld/vocals & bass

Evan Seinfeld/Vocals & bass

Individual biography to come

Danny Schuler/Drums

Danny Schuler/Drums

Individual biography to come

Bobby Hambel

Bobby Hambel
Guitar on "Biohazard", "Urban Discipline" and "State Of The World Address"
(1988/1996) 2007-present

Scott Roberts/guitar on Means To An End

Scott Robert
Guitar on "Means To An End" (2003/2005)

Carmine Vincent/guitar

Carmine Vincent
Guitar on "Kill Or Be Killed" (2002/2003)

Leo Curley/Guitar

Leo Curley
Guitar on "Uncivilization" (2000/2002)

Rob Echeverria
Guitar on "New World Disorder" and "No Holds Barred" (1996/2000)

Biohazard Biography

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Former members
Evan Seinfeld
Billy Graziadei
Danny Schuler
Scott Roberts
Anthony Meo
Bobby Hambel
Rob Echeverria
Leo Curley
Carmine Vincent

was a band originally based out of Brooklyn, New York. They are acknowledged as one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop

Origin Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Genre(s) Heavy metal, Hardcore punk, Rapcore
Years active 1988–2006, 2008

Band history

Early years

The band formed in 1987 in Brooklyn. The original lineup consisted of bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Bobby Hambel, and drummer Anthony Meo. Guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei joined the band soon after. Their first demo tape, released in 1988, caused a stir with journalists who felt that the band's lyrics displayed certain fascist and white supremacist views, despite the fact that Seinfeld himself was Jewish. Accusations of racism in their music were strenuously denied by the band, but in later interviews, Seinfeld and Graziadei explained that it had all been a publicity stunt to win over the band Carnivore and their fans. Eventually, the songs in question were no longer played or even mentioned, and the band began preaching message of tolerance and anti-racism. After the release of their demo, Anthony Meo left the band and drummer Danny Schuler stepped in to replace him. A second demo tape followed in 1989.

While never really considering themselves a hardcore band, Biohazard often found themselves sharing stages with bands associated with the New York hardcore scene, such as the Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front. They also shared stages with New Jersey hardcore band Mucky Pup quite often and a friendship between the two bands developed. Mucky Pup became a strong supporter of Biohazard and often booked them as an opening act, but many of the clubs would refuse to let Biohazard play, thinking the shows would lead to violence. As a result, Mucky Pup would resort to sneaking them on stage to perform a few songs before their own set.

Maze Records

In 1990, Biohazard signed a recording contract with Maze Records. The band's self-titled debut album was poorly promoted by the label and sold over 40,000 copies. Subject-matter of the album was Brooklyn, gang-wars, drugs, and violence. The band went on their first European tour and, when they returned, realized that the problems they sang about on their first record were not limited to their Brooklyn hometown.

One year after the release of their debut album, Seinfeld and Graziadei contributed vocals to the song "Three Dead Gophers" from Mucky Pup's third album, Now. The album was released on Roadrunner Records, who would soon release Biohazard's second album.

Roadrunner Records

In 1992, Biohazard signed with Roadrunner Records and released Urban Discipline, which gave the band national and worldwide attention in both the heavy metal and hardcore communities. The video for the song "Punishment" became the most played video in the history of MTV's Headbanger's Ball, and the album sold over 1,000,000 copies. The band also began opening for larger acts such as House of Pain, Sick Of It All, Fishbone, and Kyuss.

In the meantime, several former members of Mucky Pup had formed the band Dog Eat Dog. Biohazard had continued their friendship with these members and began to share the stage with Dog Eat Dog. While touring Europe, Graziadei gave a Dog Eat Dog demo tape to a Roadracer Records representative. At the time, Roadracer was the European sister label to Roadrunner Records. The tape was sent back to the New York office of Roadrunner Records who then sent representatives to several Dog Eat Dog shows. As a result, Dog Eat Dog signed their first record deal with the label.

In 1993, the hardcore rap group Onyx recorded an alternate "Bionyx" version of their hit single "Slam" with Biohazard as their backup band. This led to a collaboration for the title track of the Judgment Night soundtrack. The soundtrack would go on to sell over 2,000,000 copies in the United States.

Warner Bros.

Months later, the band left Roadrunner Records in order to sign with Warner Brothers Records Inc. and released their third studio LP, State of the World Address. The album was produced by Ed Stasium in Los Angeles and contained the single "How It Is" featuring Sen-Dog from Cypress Hill, for which a video was also shot. During their 1994 tour, the band made an appearance on the second stage at the Monsters of Rock festival held at Castle Donington. State of the World Address went on to sell over 1,000,000 copies, and Rolling Stone magazine selected the Biohazard logo as the best logo of the year. This was the last Biohazard album with Bobby Hambel, who left due to differences with the rest of the band. Hambel spent time in White Devil, also featuring members of the Cro-Mags, before seemingly leaving the music business entirely.

The band recorded their fourth studio album, Mata Leao, as a three piece in 1996. It was produced with the help of Dave Jerden. For the 1996 Mata Leao Tour, the band hired former Helmet guitarist Rob Echeverria. Also in 1996, Biohazard played on the Ozzfest mainstage alongside Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Danzig, Fear Factory, and Sepultura.

While touring Europe in support of the Mata Leao album, the band recorded their Hamburg, Germany, show for their first live album, No Holds Barred (Live in Europe), which was released in 1997 through their former label, Roadrunner Records.

In 1998, Seinfeld began an acting career playing Jaz Hoyt on HBO's award winning series Oz. The character was introduced in the second season and appeared throughout the series' sixth and final season.

Mercury Records

The band signed to Mercury Records and released their fifth studio album, New World Disorder, in 1999, once again with Ed Stasium as a producer. The relationship with Mercury Records soured quickly; the band felt betrayed and misunderstood by their label and as a result severed their ties with the label amidst the merger of Mercury Records, Island Records, Def Jam Records, and Polygram into the Universal Music Group.

Independent again

In 2000, the band continued to tour Europe and Japan, without the support of a record label or management. In 2001, the band released a compilation album titled Tales From The B-Side. The album consisted of various B-sides and remixes from various eras in the band's recording history. The album was released by the Phantom Sound & Vision label. After the release of Tales From The B-Side, Rob Echeverria resigned from the band in order to get married. Leo Curley, of Outline and All Means Necessary, was hired as his replacement.

SPV/Sanctuary Records

In the same year, Biohazard signed two new record deals with SPV/Steamhammer in Europe and Sanctuary Records for the remainder of the world. Despite the new record deals, the band took some personal time in order to work on other projects.

Graziadei briefly formed a trip hop project with Jenifer Bair of the Ohio band Hilo. After writing and recording approximately 20 songs for the project, named Blu, Bair relocated to Los Angeles, California to continue an art career and the project dissolved. Graziadei also began work on a book, Tales From The Hardside. Schuler used his downtime to join New York band Among Thieves as a replacement drummer for the departing Will Shepler.

Graziadei and Schuler also collaborated in transforming the band's rehearsal Brooklyn studio into a digital recording studio, known as Rat Piss Studios. Re-investing into the band, Graziadei and Schuler honed their engineering and productions skills while recording and producing local acts and new Biohazard demos. The band then undertook the process of writing, recording, and producing their own music.

Their studio work led to the band's first sixth studio album, Uncivilization, released in September 2001. The album features many guest appearances by members of bands such as Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Pantera, Slipknot, Sepultura, Cypress Hill, Skarhead, and Type O Negative. Shortly after the release of Uncivilization, Leo Curley left the band to focus on writing his own music. He was replaced by former Nucleus member Carmine Vincent, who had previously toured with Biohazard as part of their road crew.

In 2002, Seinfeld became engaged to porn star Tera Patrick, who had never heard of Seinfeld until she saw one of his nude scenes on Oz. After making several phone calls, Patrick was able to contact Seinfeld, who had never heard of her either, and the two began dating.

Unfortunately, the band had to cancel scheduled European festival dates when Carmine Vincent underwent major surgery. The band did manage to find a temporary guitarist, Scott Roberts of the Cro-Mags, in time to join the Eastpak Resistance Tour with Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Discipline, Death Threat, and Born From Pain. Also participating in the tour was All Boro Kings, a band consisting of old friends from both Mucky Pup and Dog Eat Dog.

Biohazard completed their seventh studio album in seventeen days; Kill Or Be Killed was released in 2003. Originally titled Never Forget, Never Forgive, the band made a last-minute decision to change the name and artwork of the album. While touring North America with Kittie, Brand New Sin and Eighteen Visions, Biohazard announced that Roberts would remain as their permanent guitarist. The tour was curtailed when it was announced that Seinfeld had fallen ill.

With more downtime due to Seinfeld's illness, Graziadei and Schuler collaborated to mix Life of Agony's live comeback album, River Runs Again: Live 2003. Once Seinfeld was healthy again, the band toured Japan and North America, headlining over bands such as Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Throwdown, and Full Blown Chaos.

Once home, Seinfeld began recording and circulating demos for his own trip hop project named Triplesicks. For a brief time, Graziadei and his wife moved to Brazil where their daughter was born. While there, Graziadei struck up a friendship with drummer Fernandao Schafer. After jamming together in the studio, Schafer formed the band Ink which Graziadei would eventually join. It wasn't long before Ink was renamed Endrah and an EP titled DEMONstration was released. Once Graziadei returned to New York, the logistical problems of traveling back and forth caused Graziadei to quit Endrah.

In early 2004, Graziadei, Schuler, and Roberts teamed up with gabber DJ Rob Gee, DJ Starscream (aka Sid Wilson of Slipknot), Jeff Anthony, and Keith Rooney, both of Gutwrench, to form Ampt. The band combined gabber music with hardcore and heavy metal. After writing several songs and putting together a live band, Graziadei and Schuler left the project in order to continue with Biohazard. Ampt has gone through several additional lineup changes since.

Also in 2004, Seinfeld, now residing in Los Angeles, California, married his fiance of two years, Tera Patrick. Using the alias Spyder Jones, Seinfeld has since starred with Patrick in several adult movies, including Desperate and Reign of Tera, which he also directed.

By the end of 2004, the band had begun recording its eighth studio album, Means To An End. Unfortunately, the completed album was lost in a studio disaster, forcing the band to completely re-record the album, which was finally released in August 2005.

The end of Biohazard

In the meantime, Graziadei had formed another new band with former members of Kittie and The Groovenics. Originally named Rodek, the band eventually changed their name to Suicide City. In October 2005, Graziadei announced that Means To An End had been the final Biohazard album and that he would continue playing with Suicide City as his main focus. One month later, on the Biohazard website, it was announced that there would in fact be a 2006 Biohazard tour.

On December 15th, Seinfeld and Graziadei participated with the Roadrunner United conglomerate at the Nokia Theater in New York for an all-star event. The show opened with Biohazard's "Punishment," performed by Seinfeld, Graziadei, Sepultura's Andreas Kisser, former Fear Factory member Dino Cazares, and Slipknot's Joey Jordison.

In January 2006, Danny Schuler announced his resignation from Biohazard and the formation of Bloodclot with singer Jon Joseph of the Cro-Mags and guitarist Scott Roberts and bassist Craig Setari of Sick of it All. As a result of Schuler's resignation, Roberts announced that he would also be leaving the band to focus on Bloodclot with Schuler. That same month, Graziadei announced that Biohazard would not go on a farewell tour after all [1]. A Biohazard DVD was released soon after.

Graziadei and Schuler have since relocated their recording studio to South Amboy, New Jersey and have renamed it Underground Sound Studios. The studio has undergone renovations in order to include a live room with 20 foot ceilings and 4,000 square feet of studio space.

In February 2006, Seinfeld participated in the filming of SuperGroup, a VH-1 reality television series also starring Ted Nugent, Scott Ian of Anthrax, Sebastian Bach and Jason Bonham of Bonham, UFO, and Foreigner as a band named Damnocracy. The show debuted on May 21, 2006. Seinfeld continues to work with his wife, Tera Patrick, in adult entertainment. In 2005, they launched the Tera Patrick Agency with the goal of representing talent in both the adult and mainstream entertainment business.

In March 2007, Evan Seinfeld debuted his new band, The Spyderz, as an opening act for a Buckcherry performance. The band was originally named White Line Fever, until it was discovered that a UK band already owned the name. The Spyderz also features guitarist John Monte, formerly of Ministry and M.O.D..


In January 2008, the lineup of Evan Seinfeld, Billy Graziadei, Danny Schuler and Bobby Hambel made the announcement that rehearsals had begun for a 2008 summer tour to commemorate the band's 20th anniversary.They toured Australia and New Zealand in April with Chimaira, Throwdown, Bloodsimple and headliners Korn to celebrate their newly declared reunion.


1. Demo (1988)
2. Demo (1989)
3. Biohazard (1990)
4. Urban Discipline (1992)
5. State of the World Address (1994)
6. Mata Leao (1996)
7. No Holds Barred (Live in Europe) (1997)
8. New World Disorder (1999)
9. Tales From The B-Side (2001)
10. Uncivilization (2001)
11. Kill Or Be Killed (2003)
12. Means To An End (2005)


BIOHAZARD was founded in 1988 in bloody district of NYC Brooklyn. The original lineup consisted of guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei, bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Bobby Hambel, and drummer Danny Schuler. They formed Biohazard for the purpose of expressing political viewpoints and discussing problems facing urban youth, which all of the members had experience dealing with themselves. They think all people should be 'Down For Life' wich means that they should be loyal to their friends and family, 'cause they're the only ones to back you up. There is BIO fanclub called Down For Life (DFL). It unites the most hardcore Biofans(called DFLers) around the world.

Biohazard began opening for local hardcore and thrash bands and gradually built a large following through their outraged sense of injustice, political awareness, and constant touring. Inspired by (but not limited to): Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Run DMC, Bad brains, Judas Priest, Cro-Mags, Public Enemy, The Ramones, Agnostic Front, the band set out to create a musical hybrid that would transcend easy categorization and not be bound by limitation. Biohazard was one of the first bands to mix heavy metal and hardcore with elements of hip-hop and rap.

In 1990 they signed their first label at a little record-company which is called Maze Records, Biohazard also released their first LP there, which is published under the name "Biohazard". It sold over 40.000 copies, this bad quantity was based on poor promotion. This album was all about Brooklyn, the gang-wars, drugs, violence, etc. After releasing their debut in 1990, Biohazard set out on their path for world domination. Returning from their first European tour, they realized that the problems they sang about on their first record were not limited to their Brooklyn hometown.

After a long time of fighting about a good record label, Biohazard finally got it's contract with Roadrunner Records. In 1992, the band released the classic URBAN DISCIPLINE, which went on to sell over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. Consequently, Biohazard became support of bigger acts such as House Of Pain, Sick Of It All, Fishbone and Kyuss. Spawning from this record was the video for the track "Punishment" which was the most played video in the history of MTV's Headbanger's Ball and is still regarded as one of the most influential records of the nineties.

In 1993, the hard-core rap group Onyx recorded an alternate version of their hit single "Slam" with Biohazard backing them up. This led to both bands collaborating on the title song for the groundbreaking Judgement Night soundtrack, which sold over 2,000,000 copies in the US. In the same year they changed to Warner Brothers Records Inc. and published their third and most successful studio LP "State Of The World Address". It was produced in winter`94 in Los Angeles with Ed Stasium. In 1994 Biohazard again was touring the entire planet and drawing strength from their loyal fans. SOTWA went on to sell over 1,000,000 copies and spawned the hit single and video "How It Is" featuring Sen-Dog from Cypress Hill. This album was up to now the most controversial Biohazard LP. It criticized the sharp and clear thinking of the band. After this little conflict the Rolling Stone Magazine selected the Biohazard logo for the best logo of the year. The third LP also was the last one for Bobby, who left the band a few times later.

Biohazard went on to release the fourth album called Mata Leao two years later. It was produced for the second time at Warner Brothers with the help of Dave Jerden. Biohazard recorded it with only three members: Evan, Billy, Danny. Without a lead guitarist, but you can hear that it is a great piece of work. The title means, "to kill the lion" and, in a sense, they discovered that their ambitions would lead them to do just that. By facing their fears head on, defeating their inner demons and looking around the globe for answers, the band found the truth inside themselves.

Battling drug and alcohol abuse, inter-band strife, record labels folding, merging and abandoning them for more pop flavors, Biohazard staggered like a champion fighter, but never went down. During these difficult years, Biohazard succeeded in sticking it out together. For the Mata Leao Tour in 1996, the band needed a talented lead guitarist, so they choosed the ex-Helmet guitarist Rob Echeverria. With the assistance of Rob they published their first live record "No Holds Barred" in 1997. The whole album was recorded in Hamburg with the helping hands of Roadrunner Records.

After that the band signed to Mercury Records and released the critically acclaimed the fifth record called New World Disorder in 1999. Everything was done again with the help of Ed Stasium, but this time in New York City. In the same year, Biohazard toured for "New World Disorder" among other things in Europe, for example at Rock am Ring / Rock im Park or at the Bizarre festival in Cologne. Feeling betrayed and misunderstood by their label, the band left Mercury amidst the mass artist genocide that occurred with the merger of Mercury, Island, Def Jam and Polygram into Universal. In 2000, operating on their survival instincts, the band re-grouped and launched a highly successful European/Japan tour with no record label or managerial support.

After traveling all over the world, they earned a longer break to began doing the work on the sixth record "Tales From The B-Sides". The LP is full of the coolest b-side and remix shit. A few month ago, Rob has left the band, he wants to settle down and get married. Fortunately the band found a new lead guitarist, his name is Leo Curley. In the meantime Biohazard signed a new record deal with SPV/Steamhammer for Europe and Sanctuary for the rest of the world. During the bands' downtime, the high visibility of being hard-core legends connected Evan with Tom Fontana landing him a high profile starring role portraying the prison convict "Jaz Hoyt" on HBO's critically acclaimed and award winning hit series "OZ".

Billy used his music skills in a trip-hop “massive attackish” project called BLU. The band consists of two members: Billy and a vocalist Jeni Bair. The bands' hard work had earned respect has also brought Billy into the journalism world. Currently working on a collection of "Tales from the Hardside" for later release, you can find some of these tales in magazines like Metal Hammer and FAQ (to name a few) where he has his own monthly column. Danny also undertook some activities outside Biohazard. He joined New York's band called Among Thieves as a replacement for Will Shepler (ex-Agnostic Front/Madball).

Also during this time, Billy and Danny transformed the bands infamous rehearsal studio/hangout in downtown Brooklyn into a world class digital recording studio now know as Rat Piss Studios. Re-investing into the band, Billy and Danny honed their engineering and productions skills while recording/producing local acts and new Biohazard demos. Armed with a truckload of new music, the band undertook the difficult process of writing, recording and producing their own music. In september of 2001 they released their sixth studio LP (except NHB & Tales From The B-Side) “Uncivilization”. The album features guests the likes of Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Jamie Jasta of Hatebreed, Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Corey from Slipknot and also mate from Skarhead, Lord Ezec.

Unfortunately some months after releasing of “Uncivilization” Biohazard parted ways with Leo Curley. Curley's departure was caused by his desire to write his own material, a prospect which proved virtually impossible in an act that has been composing songs as a three-piece since Biohazard's split with original guitarist Bobby Hambel in the mid-1990s. The split with Leo was mutual, no bad feelings. Biohazard have replaced Leo with former Nucleus axeman Carmine Vincent. Vincent is no stranger to the Biohazard camp, having previously traveled with the group as a roadie in addition to having supported Biohazard as the bassist/vocalist for NUCLEUS during a tour of Europe in late 2000. Brand new Biohazard album was recorded with Carmine and entitled "Kill Or Be Killed" (2003) and is the most brutal and heaviest to date.

In 2005, Biohazard embarked on what has become their final album, Means to an End. With the success of their studio work, Billy and Danny opened up the Underground Sound Studios in NJ, in exchange for lower overhead and more space, they left Rat Piss Studios behind. After focusing on their earlier energy that the members found as definative Biohazard, disaster struck the band. While mixing the album, a horrible mishap caused the loss of the album (recorded in digital audio as most recordings these days are). After regrouping, Graziadei and Schuler rekindled their passion and rejoined the fight to finish this soon to be classic Biohazard album: Means to an End.

Billy is currently 100% focused on his new band Suicide City, while at home he works in the successful Underground Sound Studios that he and Danny Schuler have been building up over the years! Danny Schuler is currently working on a project called Bloodclot with Biohazard guitar player Scott Roberts and former Cromag's singer, John Bloodclot.


David Silveria

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Birth name David Randall Silveria
Born September 21, 1972 (1972-09-21) (age 35), San Leandro, California, U.S.
Genre(s) Nu metal, Alternative metal, Industrial metal
Occupation(s) Drummer
Instrument(s) Drums
Years active 1989 - 1993 (L.A.P.D.), 1993 - 2006 (KoЯn)
Label(s) Elementree

David Randall Silveria (born September 21, 1972 in San Leandro, California, United States) is a drummer, mostly known as the drummer for nu-metal band Korn from 1993 until he went on his "hiatus" in 2006.


Growing up in the Bakersfield area, David Silveria started playing drums when he was 9. At the age of 17, he found out that local band L.A.P.D. (which consisted of James Shaffer and Reginald Arvizu) was searching for a drummer. He auditioned and was chosen, but needed permission from his mother to go with the band. In fact, she would often drop him off and pick him up from practices. When Jonathan Davis joined the band, they changed the name to KoЯn and Welch, Shaffer and Arvizu took up pseudonyms, while Silveria and Davis remained using their given names.

Silveria divorced his wife Shannon in 2002, going so far as covering up a tattoo of her name with a huge tribal tattoo, which is reported to look like a vagina. He has two children, David Jr. and Sofie Aurora.

Silveria has been seen playing bass while performing the song "Earache My Eye" live.

Silveria had to undergo surgery to remove an extra rib which was causing nerve problems in his left arm. His wrist gave out in Fargo, ND during the song "It's Gonna Go Away". He sat out the rest of the "Sick and Twisted 2000" and "Summer Sanitarium Tours". Mike Bordin filled in for him. Silveria then returned for the album recording of Untouchables and some performances since (Silveria's own explanation for the issue is that "I hit too fucking hard").

Silveria's favorite KoЯn song is said to be "Blind", as well as "Got the Life", "B.B.K." & "Beg for Me" which is from Issues.


At 13 December of 2006, it was announced that Silveria would be going on hiatus, but after a long period of waiting, it was said by Jonathan Davis on a Swedish radio station after being asked if Silveria will be on the next album (Untitled, 31 July 2007), He responded : "I don't know, probably not.He has since started running his sushi restaurants and bar/grill joints, choosing a new life of relative anonymity when compared to drumming for a well-known rock band.

Silveria has not given any interviews ever since he went on his "hiatus," much to the frustration of many KoЯn fans. He since has dedicated his time to his children and running his steak house and sushi restaurant. In a recent interview with HeadBanger's Blog, Jonathan Davis said that he had not heard anything from David since his "hiatus" and it has been assumed by KoRn fans that David after 13 years will never play with KoRn again.

In June 2008 it was reported that Silveria had formed a new band called Satellite Syndrome, as a MySpace page for the band had claimed such. Korn's management later confirmed that the rumors were false and Silveria was not part of the group.

Facts about David Silveria

David played alongside Infectious Grooves as a side project.

David used Tama drums and Paiste cymbals while with Korn.

David took a job at Pizza Hut after the demise of L.A.P.D.

David didn't start taking his instrument seriously until KoЯn was formed.

David's favorite songs from Debut album and Issues are Blind (first album), and Beg For Me (Issues).

David is responsible for signing Orgy to their own-record label Elementree Records. They had been long-time friends with KoЯn, so David signed them up.

Tommy Lee is David's biggest influence.

David has modeled for clothing lines like 26 Red, Grind, and Calvin Klein.

David appeared in his first acting debut, on the television show Martial Law.

David had to undergo surgery to remove an extra rib which was causing nerve problems in his left arm. His wrist gave out in Fargo, ND during the song It's Gonna Go Away. He was out for the rest of the Sick and Twisted 2000 and Summer Sanitarium Tours. Mike Bordin filled in for David. David has since returned for Untouchables and beyond (David's explanation: "I hit too fucking hard!").

David went backstage after the incident in North Dakota and got bandaged up and the guys came back out and David took the mic and told the fans "I'm afraid we've got some bad news, I fucked up my wrist trying to play". Head remembered on "Deuce" that the crowd started booing in disbelief, but David turned it around saying "We could have had someone else come up and tell you guys but we came up ourselves" and the boos turned to cheers and clapping.

David struck a nerve with the band Slipknot in 2000, when David posed for Calvin Klein Dirty Denim jeans. Slipknot didn't like the fact that he modeled, they thought it wasn't a "metal" thing to do, so they protested by burning ads from all different kinds of models for the same company (Jay Gordon of Orgy being one of them) onstage at a couple of their shows. (KoЯn and Slipknot have since "made-up", because they toured together in 2004 at a U.K. Festival, and members of Slipknot have said they like KoЯn's music, and appreciate what they have done for music). Joey Jordison (Slipknot's drummer) had also drummed for KoЯn for a large part of 2007.

He owns 2 restaurants in California.

David's Equipment

The following is a listing of the drums and equipment used by David Silveria during his musical career with KoЯn:

David's KoЯn Tour Kit (1993-2006):

* Tama Starclassic Maple Custom Drums & Paiste Signature Cymbals :

Tama Drums - Black

* 22x18" Bass Drum
* 14x6.5" Signature Snare Drum
* 10x5.5" Rack Tom
* 12x6.5" Rack Tom
* 15x15" Floor Tom
* 16x16" Floor Tom
* 20x16" Gong Bass Drum
* 8" Signature Splash
* 10" Signature Splash
* 15" Signature Heavy Hi-Hat (custom)
* 18" Signature Power Crash
* 20" Signature Power Crash
* 20" Signature Power Ride
* 18" Signature Heavy China
* 13" Signature Exotic/Percussion Mega Cup Chime
* Kudarat Agong
* 8" Signature Bell
* Combo Lata


* Iron Cobra Flexi Glide Twin Pedal
* Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand
* Sultan Kudarat Agong
* Combo Lata
* Custom chrome Tama rack including the footboards, clamps, memory locks, and star-cast mounting system
* Remo Drum Heads (coated Ambassador, clear Emperors, clear Powerstroke 3)
* Pete Englehart Ribbon Crasher Percussion
* D Drum Triggers and Roland Pads
* Vater David Silveria's KoЯn DSK Tour sticks
* Custom TAMA ROC 'N Throne

Sultan Kudarat Agong Combo Lata

Brian Welch

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Also known as Head
Born June 19, 1970 (1970-06-19) (age 38)
Origin Bakersfield, California
Genre(s) Rock, Nu metal, Alternative metal, Christian
Years active 1993 - 2005 (with Korn), 2006-Present
Associated acts Brian Head Welch, Korn, L.A.P.D., Toy, Pierct, Creep

Brian Phillip Welch (born June 19, 1970 in Bakersfield, California) better known by his nickname Head, is the former guitarist and a founding member of Korn, a multi-platinum, Grammy award winning nu metal band and a major influence in the rise of the nu metal movement. Welch also provided backup vocals. He left the band in 2005 to dedicate his life to worshiping Jesus Christ and has recorded a solo album.

Early life

Welch was raised in the industrial farm town of Bakersfield, California. Early in his life, Welch claims that he was different from most kids and was picked on a lot in school. His one passion was music. Welch had started playing the guitar at the age of 10. His first guitar was the legendary Peavey Mystic, what he refers to as "the most metal looking guitar you have ever seen." Originally, he expressed interest in playing drums but his father pushed him to guitar since it was quieter. While in high school, Welch met Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu, in 10th grade. Reggie also started at guitar, but Brian said the bass was easier and it stuck. Brian's first band was called "Pierct" which is pronounced as Pierced. Growing up he was a very big Ozzy Osbourne fan.


Welch's main — if not exclusive — guitar is an Ibanez 7-string. Most were custom made guitars built and assembled at the Ibanez LA Custom Shop. During the later days in Korn, he, along with James "Munkey" Shaffer, made a signature series Seven String Guitar called the Ibanez K7, which was distributed by Ibanez Guitars. He and Shaffer mainly used Mesa Boogie amps (specifically, a Triple Rectifier or Road King). Favored effects included the Digitech "Whammy pedal" [then known as the Digitech XP-100 Whammy Wah pedal], the Dunlop UV-1 Uni-Vibe, Boss PH-2 Super Phaser, Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, Rocktron Tremolo, and the Boss RV-3 delay. Brian's first ever guitar was a "Peavey Mystic". He later sold this guitar along with a practice amp to KoRn's other guitar player James "Munky" Shaffer.

As a solo artist

As of February 2005, Welch was reported to have been working on his solo album, Save Me From Myself, under the name Head. He has already made his debut with the songs "Kry" and "A Cheap Name," a controversial song about the rapper 50 Cent. He was also said to be releasing a documentary film, Washed by Blood, which would show Welch's personal struggle with alcohol and drug-addiction at the pinnacle of his career and his later choice of a new life and Christian faith. The film would show life as a recording artist, along with animated vignettes, interviews with current friends, associates and former band members and travel footage from his philanthropic work in India. He has recorded several other songs including "Dream" and "Letter to Dimebag" which is an instrumental tribute to "Dimebag" Darrel Abott, guitar player for Pantera and Damage Plan. In his autobiography, Welch mentions the songs "Washed By Blood" "Save Me From Myself" and "Rebel." The album has been given scheduled release dates which keep being postponed but the album is apparently in its final mixing stages and should be out in a few months. Brian Welch has also said he will be performing his solo acts, according to, at the Cornerstone Festival on July 5, 2008, along with Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, Haste The Day, and Still Remains.

Brian Welch is now with Driven Music Group. The album title has also been changed to match his first book, Save Me from Myself. Following this, his official MySpace profile went online, and the domain name for this official website was moved to, originally, and is now up and running. Originally, Welch planned for the project to follow the "Head" moniker, but was persuaded otherwise, so as not to be sued by the tennis equipment manufacturer of the same name. Though the project has since been dubbed "Brian Head Welch," the album continues to carry the imprint of the project's original title. According to Welch's MySpace profile, Save Me from Myself will be released during September 9, 2008.

In a podcast with Headbanger's Blog, on May 30, 2008, Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis expressed interest in playing with Welch on the band's upcoming album, but stated that it isn't likely.

Personal life

In 1995 Brian's girlfriend Rebeka gave birth to a child, but she decided to give it up for adoption. When she got pregnant again they were ready. On July 6, 1998, Welch's wife Rebekah gave birth to their second daughter, Jennea Marie Welch. The band was scheduled to be on the UK version of Ozzfest but dropped out before it started so that Welch could be by his wife's side. He and his wife have since divorced and Brian has custody of their daughter. The two reside in Arizona.

From the early stages of KoRn, Brian used methamphetamines "Speed" on and off until 2005 when he and Rebeka got divorced and he developed a consuming addiction to the drug which led him into a deep depression. His addiction, along with wanting to spend more time with his daughter because he gained custody, was a key reason for his leaving the band in 2005.

On how he got his four-letter moniker, Welch says, "I got a big head... go get me any hat, and it won't fit. 'Cept this one, 'cause it's stretchy."

On February 22, 2005, Korn's management announced that after almost 12 years, Welch had parted ways with the band, citing that he had "...chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end.

On March 10, 2005, Welch was baptized in the Jordan River with a group of believers [1] hailing from Bakersfield, California. He has declared that he has rid himself of all drugs in his "own personal rehab" with God, in which he had checked into a hotel room and sat in his bed for countless hours.

Welch and Davis have attacked each other in the media since the former's departure. After he said that Davis and the rest of Korn care only about money, Davis responded in kind, opening a rift between them that may or may not have been resolved. But recently, in an interview with in which Welch was asked about his book and Korn's reaction to the book and the attacks in the media he made earlier at the band:

How did the other members of Korn feel about your having written the book? Do you still talk to them and know what they think about it?

They heard that I'd written it, and there was rumors going around in Hollywood that I was totally trashing them and that it was a "tell all" book about everything they did and I did. And so they actually wrote two songs on their new album bashing me about the book. But once I heard that they were concerned about the book, I sent them a copy and put a note in there and said, "I love you guys. I didn't trash you like people say. Read it yourselves. It is what it is." And now they're doing interviews, and I've read that they're totally cool with the book, and it's not what they thought it was going to be. So everyone's happy. But, now they've got two songs hating on me on their record. But it's cool. It's all good. I love them, they love me. I think maybe I deserved those songs because of some of the stuff that I said after I quit the band. So it's all good.

In July 2005, Welch appeared on CNN's feature-format program "People in the News" where he admitted to having been addicted to alcohol, methamphetamines, Xanax, and sleeping pills before being reintroduced to the Christian faith.

Following his conversion to Christianity, Brian went to some of the more poverty stricken areas of India to build orphanages or "Head Homes". He visited a tribe of head hunters who were apparently reduced to cannibalism because of lack of food.

Welch has been tattooed with the words Matthew 11:28 ("Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."), Matthew 6:19 ("Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.") and Matthew 5:8 ("Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."). He also has a Jesus tattoo on his hand that Welch claims keeps him from masturbating.[6]

In March 2008, Welch started a record company with Mark Nawara and Greg Shanabeger called Driven Music Group. The company has a distribution deal with Warner Music Group.


With Korn

Studio albums

* Korn, released: October 11, 1994
* Life Is Peachy, released: October 15, 1996
* Follow the Leader, released: August 18, 1998
* Issues, released: November 16, 1999
* Untouchables, released: June 11, 2002
* Take a Look in the Mirror, released: November 21, 2003

Compilation albums

* Greatest Hits Volume 1, released: October 5, 2004
* Live & Rare, released: May 9, 2006 (Head was not in the band at the time however the songs were partially his work)
* Playlist: The Very Best of Korn, released April 29th, 2008


* Neidermeyer's Mind, 1993

With Limp Bizkit

* Results May Vary (2003) (Welch helped with guitar on some songs for the album after original guitarist Wes Borland left the band in 2001. Some songs recorded with Welch were left unreleased, along with a number of songs for those recording sessions for the album. Welch stopped recording with the band after Mike Smith became the new Limp Bizkit guitarist). Welch is credited with playing the guitar parts in the song "Build a Bridge". He also played with Limp Bizkit at WrestleMania XIX, performing on "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" and "Crack Addict"


* Save Me from Myself, September 9, 2008


* Save Me From Myself, released July 3, 2007

Reginald Arvizu

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Also known as Fieldy
Born November 2, 1969 (1969-11-02) (age 38), Bakersfield, California
Genre(s) Nu metal, Alternative metal, Industrial metal, Hip-hop
Instrument(s) Bass guitar
Years active 1993–present
Associated acts Korn, Fieldy's Nightmare, StillWell,L.A.P.D.

Reginald "Fieldy/Reggie" Arvizu (born November 2, 1969 in Bakersfield, California) is the bass guitar player for the band Korn.

Prior to Arvizu's time in Korn, he and Brian Welch who would later become one of Korn's two guitarists (alongside James Shaffer) had played together in a number of bands, having become friends while still at school. Upon their graduation from high school, Arvizu, Brian, drummer David Silveria and James relocated from Bakersfield to Los Angeles and formed L.A.P.D (the name first stood for "Love and Peace, Dude", but this abbreviation was later changed to "Laughing As People Die"). Although L.A.P.D. did succeed in signing a record deal, their success was limited until the band hired singer Jonathan Davis and changed their name to Korn.

The name "Fieldy" is said to have come about as an abbreviation for "Garfield", based on the comic strip character of the same name. Originally, his band mates called him "Gopher", due to his large cheeks. Gopher became "Gar", Gar became Garfield, which became Fieldy. His full moniker is "Fieldy Snuts", which when spoken aloud sounds like "Feel these nuts", or "Fieldy's nuts". This is also the name of his record label.[citation needed]

He plays a 5-string Ibanez model SDGR SR5005, named the K-5, which is his signature bass.

His playing style consists of slapping, double slapping, double-popping, standard finger-style plucking, and palm muting; his standard tuning is: A, D, G, C, F.

The majority of Fieldy's bass riffs are hip-hop inspired. He says he gets inspiration from anything hip-hop. On the business side of Korn, Fieldy is responsible for all Korn merchandise, its buying and selling. He will come up with a number of designs, shows them to the band and they either approve or disapprove.

Fieldy has stated that his favorite Korn songs are "Freak on a Leash" and "Coming Undone".

Life outside Korn

In addition to Korn, he has a rap side project called Fieldy's Dreams.

Fieldy married his girlfriend Deena Beber on Tuesday, 16th of May 2006. Korn's guitarist, Munky played nylon guitar at the wedding. It is her first marriage and his second. Fieldy has two daughters, Serena and Olivia Arvizu, from his first marriage from Sheela Arvizu; he and his current wife Deena had a son earlier this year and named him Israel.

Fieldy has stated that his second album, Sobriety, is still in the works. Originally intended to be a hardcore rap album, Fieldy has scrapped the original idea in favor of a jazz fusion style.

Fieldy is currently working with independent rap artist Q Unique, Sevendust and Dark New Day guitarist Clint Lowery on a side project called "Stillwell". The song "Killing Myself To Live" can be heard on their MySpace page, the album does not yet have a release date, for it is still in the works.

Fieldy's Equipment


* Ibanez Soundgear SR1305 5-string (Natural finish, Lollapalooza '97 bass)
* Ibanez Soundgear SR1305 5-string (Maroon, w/ sand paper scratches on it)
* Ibanez Soundgear SR885 5-string (black, woodstock '99, origin of K5)
* Ibanez Soundgear 505's (Black w/ face scratched out & Natural)
* Ibanez ATK305 (Amber/ash body)
* Ibanez K5TKF 5-String (Fieldy Signature/black & red)


* Hughes & Kettner BC 410's
* 2 Mesa/Boogie M-2000 heads (no mids, and a heavily tweaked 18-band EQ)
* Hughes and Kettner 2x15 cabinet (on tour)
* Mesa/Boogie 4x10 cabinet
* Recently he is using Ampeg PR410HLF cabinets.


* SansAmp Pedal EQ Boost Pedals
* Digitech Wah-wah

Guest appearances (videos)

* Limp Bizkit - Faith (1998)
* Ice Cube - Fuck Dying (1999)
* E-40 feat. Fabolous - Automatic (2002)
* Bubba Sparxx - Back In The Mud (2003)

James Shaffer

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Birth name James Christian Shaffer Lavallee
Also known as Munky
Born June 6, 1970 (1970-06-06) (age 38)
Bakersfield, California
Genre(s) Nu metal, Alternative metal, Industrial metal
Instrument(s) Guitar
Years active 1993 -
Associated acts Korn, Fear and the Nervous System, L.A.P.D.

James Christian 'Munky' Shaffer (born June 6, 1970 in Bakersfield, California) is the guitarist for the nu metal band Korn. He also performed live backing vocals. His nickname, 'Munky', is apparently a reference to the fact that his feet, when spread, resembles monkey's feet (this was revealed in the multi-platinum video "Who Then Now?"). His bandmate Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu has a similar nickname, also based on his physical appearance to the cartoon character Garfield the cat.

He does have musical activities outside of Korn, though: he is the founder of Emotional Syphon Recordings, who have signed acts like Monster In The Machine and Droid. Droid was also featured on the 2007 Family Values Tour.

It was announced that Munky would not be touring for the rest of the Bitch We Have A Problem Tour due to his father becoming ill. However, on February 20th, Munky announced in a MySpace bulletin that he is returning to the tour at the band's show in Milan.


As an adopted child, Shaffer led a troubled life, often stealing his parents' alcohol and trespassing. One night, when trying to sneak out to a party, the tip of one of his fingers was severed by the chain on his motorcycle, and, as part of his rehabilitation, Shaffer picked up a guitar. During high school Shaffer met fellow guitarist Brian "Head" Welch and the two often jammed together ever since.

Later on Welch and Shaffer saw Jonathan Davis singing for the band Sexart in a bar. Initially intending to stay only for a few minutes, the pair ended up staying for the whole set upon seeing Davis' performance, and asked him to join their band (still called L.A.P.D. at this point) almost immediately afterward.

Shaffer developed meningitis during 1997 while on tour, requiring him to be hospitalized. KoRn cancelled the remainder of that tour, due to not wanting to replace him with someone who wasn't in the band.

On January 15, 2000, Shaffer married Stephanie Roush. The couple had a daughter, Carmella Star, the next year, whom Shaffer claims is the most prized possession in his life. The two are now divorced.

February 22, 2005, Brian Welch left the band. James felt very sad, but he accepted his friend's choice. Today, he is the only formal guitarist in Korn. (Clint Lowery, Christian Olde Wolbers, and Rob Patterson were only live/session members.)

On the 16th May 2006, Munky played on Spanish nylon guitar in Fieldy's wedding. He was quoted as jokingly saying "now I have something else to fall back on!"

Munky cites Steve Vai and 80's metal guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads as his main influences while learning guitar, growing up.

On March 4, 2008, it was announced that Munky will be releasing a solo record on August 8, 2008 with his solo band Fear and The Nervous System which will feature Munky doing vocals and guitar, Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion (who also performed on Korn's 8th album) on drums, Leopold Ross on guitar and programming, Bill Gould of Faith No More fame, and Zac Baird (Korn's keyboardist) on keyboards and programming. The record will be produced by Munky and Ross Robinson. Guitarist and friend Wes Borland originally recorded guitars for two songs on the album but they will not make the final cut. Borland also created cover art which will still be used.

Emotinal Syphon Recordings

In 2006 Shaffer founded Emotinal Syphon Recordings to give daring and diverse bands a chance to be heard. The first bands to be signed were Droid and Monster in the Machine, however Shaffer says he doesnt want to limit himself to only realsing metal acts but to create a multi-genre label.

Fear and the Nervous System

On March 4, 2008 HardDriveRadio reported that Munky is putting together a experimental/industrial rock side project known as Fear and the Nervous System on his own label Emotinal Syphon reordings. The band is Shaffer's solo project, and will be putting out an album, which was originally due out August 8th but has been pushed back as the album has yet to be completed.


* James "Munky" Shaffer - vocals, guitar
* Billy Gould - bass guitar*Brooks Wackerman - drums, percussion
* Leopold Ross - guitar, programming
* Zac Baird - keyboards, programming
* Wes Borland - artwork


James predominantly uses Ibanez guitars (his signature is the K7 7-string model) and Mesa Boogie & Diezel guitar amplifier. Like Brian did before leaving the band in 2005, he uses many pedals and effects to shape the distinct Korn sound. Munky describes his live pedal board as a "spaceship" because of the large, diverse quantity of effects he uses.


* Ibanez APEX1-BBK Munky Signature (2007 Model)
* Ibanez custom K14 guitar (used in the song Alone I Break)
* Ibanez custom RG8 guitar(2007 Ibanez model RG 2228)
* Ibanez custom K7 guitar
* Ibanez custom 7-stringed guitars
* Ibanez UV7BK guitar (Steve Vai signature)
* Gibson SG 6-stringed model (Tuned down to drop-A)


* Mesa Boogie amps
* Diezel amps
* Line6 amps
* Marshall Amplification amps


* Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
* Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay
* Digitech XP100 Whammy Wah
* Digitech Metal Master
* Dunlop Univibe
* Dunlop Crybaby Wah
* Electro-Harmonix Big Muff π
* Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo
* Prescription Electronics Depth Charge
* Rocktron Banshee Talk Box
* Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser
* Dean Markley Strings

Jonathan Davis

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Birth name Jonathan Houseman Davis
Born January 18, 1971 (1971-01-18) (age 37)
Origin Bakersfield, California
Genre(s) Hard rock, nu metal, industrial metal, alternative metal, experimental rock, acoustic music (solo)
Occupation(s) Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Actor
Instrument(s)Vocals, Drums, Glass harmonica, Harp, Guitar, Bass guitar, Piano, Violin, Bagpipes, drums
Years active 1993–present
Label(s) Immortal/Epic, Virgin/EMI
Associated acts Korn, Jonathan Davis and the SFA, Sexart

Jonathan Houseman Davis (born January 18, 1971) is the American vocalist for the multiplatinum nu metal[1] band Korn. He was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, where he lived with his father and stepmother. He and his band mates are also labeled the founder of the metal genre nu metal.

As well as being Korn's lead singer, he has also played drums. Davis writes songs on guitar and other various instruments.


Davis, who worked as a mortician's assistant at one time, was the last member to join the band. James 'Munky' Shaffer and Brian 'Head' Welch discovered him in a bar, initially intending to only stay for a few minutes. Upon seeing Davis performing with his then-band Sexart, however, they were compelled to stay for the whole set. Later David Silveria called Jonathan over the phone and asked him to join their then band L.A.P.D. To date they have released eight studio albums, achieving Platinum certification for each, with the exception for their newly released Untitled Korn album. Davis is the older half brother of former Adema and Midnight Panic vocalist, Mark Chavez.

Davis suffered from asthma as a child, having a near fatal attack at the age of 5 which hospitalized him. He noted in a 2004 interview that he was in and out of the hospital frequently as a child. His asthma has improved greatly and he's "...pretty much outgrown it.

Davis' earliest musical inspiration as a child was the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Jesus Christ Superstar". It was also during his childhood that he received his first drum kit and began his interest in music, eventually leading to a life-long passion and a professional career as the lead singer of Korn. His favorite bands as a child were Duran Duran and other New Romantic bands.

Jonathan's personal issues are a big influence in Korn lyrics, songs such as "Daddy" from Korn's self-titled album are an example how Davis puts all kinds of feelings like anger and sadness in the creation of songs. The song "Daddy" caused many to assume Rick Davis (Jonathan's father) had molested his son. It's a source of embarrassment for him, though his son has gone on the record in many interviews saying it was written about a family friend who sexually abused him. When a 12-year-old Jonathan tried to turn to his family, he said, they ignored him. (Neither Jonathan or Rick will say who the person was, though both say it was a woman.)

Davis has married twice, marrying his high school sweetheart, Renee Perez, in 1998 in a Medieval themed ceremony. Together they had a son, Nathan Houseman Davis, but were divorced in 2001. On October 5, 2004, a decade after the release of Korn's first album he married again in Hawaii, this time to former actress Deven Davis. In 2005 his second child, Pirate Houseman Davis, was born.Davis's third son, Zeppelin Houseman Davis, was born on April 28, 2007.

Davis has been sober from alcohol and other drugs since August 22, 1998.[citation needed] He has stated that he gave them up. On the band's Deuce DVD, former bandmate Brian Welch says that he is proud of him for becoming sober.

Jonathan has stated that Untouchables is his favorite Korn album and that "Do What They Say" and "Hollow Life" are his favorite Korn songs.

In late 2006, Davis was recognized and honored at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, Bakersfield, CA, by Buddy Alan Owens, son of the late Buck Owens. Both Buck Owens and Davis are considered by many among their hometown fans as heroes to the sound of Bakersfield, each having their own pioneer sound, contributing to mainstream music worldwide over years past.

While Korn performed at the Download Festival in 2006, Davis was unable to perform with them, as he had contracted a rare disease known as Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. This left him bed- ridden for days after his band's performance. Assorted other artists also at Download filled in singing for Korn during the performance including; Matt Heafy of Trivium and Corey Taylor of Slipknot.


Davis has had a fairly small acting career. He has a cameo in Queen of the Damned as a ticket scalper. Davis plays as Ricky in the film Seeing Other People but his appearance is minor; he plays a crackhead. Davis also has a role as a store clerk in the indie film The Still Life. Davis's most known acting role is in the upcoming horror film Sin-Jin Smyth where he will be playing the lead role. There is also a popular rumor that Davis will be in an upcoming horror/slasher film called Job but this has not been confirmed. According to Bloody-Disgusting, Jonathan Davis is currently working on a script with writer/director Clive Barker entitled Oblivion. Davis describes it as a "dark opera about the end of the world" and that it differs greatly from Korn's style of music.

He has also been featured in many other bands' music videos, sometimes with Korn and sometimes solo. He has appeared with Korn in Limp Bizkit's "Faith", Deadsy's "Brand New Love", Ice Cube's "Fuck Dying", and Sugar Ray's "Answer the Phone" as a cameo appearance. He has also appeared in Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff", Videodrone's "Ty Jonathan Down" (which he sings on), Cold's "Give", Busta Rhymes' "Fire."

Davis and the rest of Korn appeared in a 2005 episode of the comedy-drama television series Monk. The episode in which they appeared was the season 3 episode, "Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic". As well as appearing in Monk, Korn guest starred on Comedy Central's South Park in an episode entitled "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery". Korn also made an appearance on "The Man Show" in which Jimmy Kimmell and Adam Carolla claimed to be two members that were kicked out of the band in the style of a "VH1 Behind The Music" special.


Davis is usually seen with a microphone stand that was designed by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger during Korn's live performances and in their music videos. For his solo tour, Davis has not used the Giger stand.

Pop Scars

Davis started designing, but canceled, a fighting game with popular musicians — including members of Limp Bizkit, Staind, Marilyn Manson, and Korn itself — as characters. The working title was Pop Scars. Each celebrity's personality was to be replicated in the game, and comic artist Marty Emond (Sunglasses After Dark) was to draw character concept art. Stages were to boast environmental traps that impeded opponents as they fought. However, Pop Scars never made it past the early design stages as Davis cancelled it in late 2004.

Solo career

Jon Davis' solo career started during Jon's high school years as he had a solo project known as "Buck Naked". His music took influence from the new romantic movement. In 1993, Jonathan got together with Human Waste Project to record a cover of The Go-Go's song, "This Town".

In 2002, Jonathan began composing the musical score for the movie adaptation of Queen Of The Damned with Richard Gibbs. He also performed 6 songs for the movie's soundtrack, although his performances were not allowed on the retail release, due to his contract with Sony. He also composed the theme music for the 2002 revival of The Twilight Zone and performed a cover of Neil Diamond's Love On The Rocks for the movie Wonderland.

Jonathan Davis announced in October 2007 that he would be embarking on an acoustic solo tour called Alone I Play, in November 2007.He performed songs from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack (which he composed with Richard Gibbs), cover songs, rarely-performed Korn songs, and Korn classics. The tour was completely produced by Richard Gibbs. Davis has also been confirmed to play a solo set at the 2008 Download Festival at Donington Park

Jonathan Davis and the Simply Fuckin' Amazings is:

* Jonathan Davis - Vocals
* Michael Jochum – drums, percussion
* Shane Gibson – guitar
* Miles Mosely – upright bass
* Zac Baird – keyboards
* Shenkar – violin

A CD/DVD package is slated for a commercial release in 2008.
Jonathan Davis will be bringing his solo tour to Europe. Once that concludes, he will release a studio album with the exact same band.They will be recording new, original songs and cover songs for this upcoming release. It was announced on Kornspace that Davis is referring to his solo band as The Simply Fuckin' Amazings.

In April 2008, Jonathan Davis canceled numerous dates on his previously announced "Alone I Play" European tour slated to begin in late May due to "personal reasons". Some of the canceled shows include those in Sweden, Belgium, France, and most of the UK and Ireland leg of the tour.

It is expected that Jonathan Davis will schedule another U.S. solo tour for the summer of 2008. On an USA Today feature on 2008 summer concerts and festivals, it included Jonathan Davis (along with other performers) as the list of acts for Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest. According to USA Today, 2008's Ozzfest will only be a one day festival in Frisco, Texas this year.